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Off-Road Enthusiasts Rally Around Rhinos in Southern California

Thousands Gather in Glamis to Celebrate the Yamaha Rhino Rally at the Dune Tour

CYPRESS, Calif., Mar 26, 2009 /PRNewswire/ -- Thousands of off-road enthusiasts flocked to the Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area, commonly known as "Glamis," in Southern California this past weekend (March 20-23) to celebrate one of their favorite past times with family and friends at the Yamaha Rhino Rally at the Dune Tour.

The event, officially named the Rhino Rally at the Dune Tour presented by Yamaha, attracted approximately 1,800 registered attendees and their families and friends. By the end of the weekend, approximately 4,500 people had participated in some part of the event and brought Yamaha Rhino Side-by-Side vehicles, ATVs and other off-highway vehicles (OHVs) from California, Arizona, Utah and farther all to enjoy a weekend of activities in Glamis, the Mecca of U.S. sand dunes.

"The Rhino Rally at the Dune Tour was a great success, and we were excited to see so many of our customers enjoying Glamis with their family and friends," said Steve Nessl, Yamaha's ATV/SxS group marketing manager. "This event is a great opportunity for Yamaha to show our appreciation to our customers and to spend some time with them doing what we all love to do -- ride, relax and spend some time in the outdoors. The Dune Tour did an outstanding job with all of the activities, and we're already looking forward to the next Rhino Rally."

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Molina Ghost Run (CA)

The California Association of 4 Wheel Drive Clubs is holding their annual Molina Ghost Run April 17-19, 2009.  Hosted by the Central District, the Molina Ghost Run has been traditionally held at the Clear Creek Management Area near Coalinga. The area is currently under a closure order by the Bureau of Land Management and the event is being held at the Hollister Hills SVRA (Upper Ranch), six miles west of Hollister in San Benito County.

Runs include a Saturday run with one locker required that includes harder trails and obstacles, a Saturday run with no lockers required and easier trails, and a Saturday SUV run. Registration is $50 per vehicle for members, or $60 per vehicle for non-members and includes one run on Saturday, one dinner, a dash plaque, and one raffle ticket.

Please contact Steve Egbert at (559) 685-1928 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have ideas or would like to offer to help. The event raises much-needed funds to fight closures like the one at Clear Creek.

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Don’t you think it’s time for a little fun and recreation?

This past year has been full of surprises and not many of them were very positive.  The thought of taking a break and getting together to spend a weekend offroading in one of Southern California’s most amazing areas sounds like a great opportunity to relieve a little tension and have a little fun. You deserve it and have certainly earned it, so come on out and enjoy the famous Truckhaven hills while we still can.

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Phoenix, ARIZONA (January 21, 2009) – The nonprofit organization Tread Lightly! and General Motor's HUMMER division have teamed up to fund an important research project in Arizona to help reduce the dust caused by off-highway vehicles (OHVs).

Although several trails across the country have dust-related problems, little research has been done to test the effectiveness, longevity, and cost of dust suppressants and dust abatement management, especially in Western environments.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, small dust particles kicked up by motorized vehicles can pose a health risk to riders and those nearby.  Some riding areas are in danger of closing if dust is not reduced.
"This project is extremely important, not only for these Arizona trails, but also for all of outdoor motorized recreation," said Lori McCullough, Tread Lightly!'s executive director.  "We are glad that HUMMER has stepped up to help us reduce health and environmental risks, while still keeping riding areas clean and open."
The Bureau of Land Management's Phoenix District and the Maricopa County Air Quality Division are testing three commercially available, non-toxic dust suppressants along sections of the popular L6 Trail, northwest of Phoenix.  The testing began in October and will run through March 11, 2009.  The trail will remain open to evaluate the longevity of each suppressant in a real world setting where vehicles drive on it daily.  Results will be made public for other land managers to utilize.
The Arizona Off-Highway Vehicle Coalition and The HUMMER Club provided several volunteers to help with various aspects of the project.  Additional work included the development and installation of an educational kiosk at the trailhead and the rehabilitation of grounds near the staging area.
The study was funded by a grant initiative called HUMMER's Restoration Rescue, which was created in 2008 under the umbrella of Tread Lightly!'s Restoration for Recreation program.
For more information on HUMMER's Recreation Rescue, please visit www.treadlightly.org.  For maps and detailed information about the project, contact the BLM Hassayampa Field Office at 623-580-5500.
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Tread Lightly!, Inc. is a national nonprofit organization with a mission to proactively protect recreation access and opportunities in the outdoors through education and stewardship initiatives.  Tread Lightly! is the nation’s signature ethics message for outdoor enthusiasts that use motorized vehicles.  The organization also offers unique training and restoration programs strategically designed to instill an ethic of responsibility in a wide variety of outdoor enthusiasts and the industries that serve them.  www.treadlightly.org
HUMMER is a division of General Motors Corp. (NYSE: GM), the world's largest vehicle manufacturer, which employs about 252,000 people globally. HUMMER is a premium off-road vehicle manufacturer with sales in 37 countries and a product line-up that consists of the H2, H2 SUT, H3, H3 Alpha and all-new H3T.  Information on HUMMER products is available at www.hummer.com.

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Friends, new and old,

I am sending this to you because I need help this year. Well, early next year. I've just decided to do the Four Peaks Pickup again. The tentative date will be Saturday, February 7th, 2009.

Last year we were able to clean up 7 TONS of trash, an FJ Cruiser, and have a lot of fun meeting new friends.

The economy is in the dump and many of us are having a bad year. That's exactly why I've just decided to go ahead and do it again. Its something positive to do that costs nothing, but makes a huge impact.

I'm writing to ask for help. All of you can help me in so many different ways. Whether the help is showing up and picking up a single piece of trash, getting the word out, giving something to be awarded to the helpers, donating to one of the charities involved etc.

There are an endless amount of ways to help!

Lets see if we can again get 300 + hikers, mountain bikers, motorcyclists, quad riders, horseman and women, 4x4ers, shooters, hunters, environmentalists, explorers, and even rollerbladers!! Yes, even rollerbladers!!!

Let me know what you can do, no matter how little. God knows I have very few skills so don't worry about it!

Thanks and Happy Holidays to you and yours!

Tim Huber

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