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New Optics Products from MINOX

New MINOX Entries for 2009 Introduced at Shot Show

    With everything from the addition of two new top-of-the line APO HG binoculars and a complete DCM Digiscoping Set, to rebirth of their famous Spy Camera, now in digital form, MINOX should attract a lot of attention at the 2009 SHOT Show in Orlando as they unveil their ever-expanding line of quality optics in Booth #6143-3.

    Of all the introductions, the most impressive and most significant of the new MINOX optics are their two APO HG binoculars. Absolutely top-of-the line, these apochromatically corrected binoculars were developed with the very latest technology in binocular design to deliver unmatched features and capabilities.

    Both the 8.5x43 and 10x43 models feature the special German-made SCHOTT fluoride ED-glass elements,  required for the advanced APO HG technology that make these new binoculars produce pin-sharp images with brilliant color rendition, high contrast and minimal glare. Aspherical lenses inside the eyepieces guarantee consistent sharpness right to the outer edges.

   Other features include the exclusive MINOX Quick-Close-Focus (QCF) capability, where a single turn of the focus knob takes you quickly from close-up to infinity, and there is a convenient distance scale on the knob. The all-new Minotec multicoating on the glass repels dirt, dust and water. With a protective rubber armor coating, they are watertight to 16 feet. Retail prices: $1,499 for the 8.5x and $1,549 for the 10x.

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John Stewart

Expanded Range of High Power LED Lights from Magnalight

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In an ongoing effort to meet the needs of their industrial, military and security oriented customer base around the world, Larson Electronics' Magnalight.com introduced several new LED light formats to its range of high powered emitters.

Dallas, TX (PRWEB) December 15, 2008 -- Magnalight.com, a supplier of industrial, military, and security oriented lighting products, is introducing several new LED light formats to its product line. Included in the new product release was a 4 LED model, measuring only 3.5 inches long, 2.75 inches tall and 2.7 inches deep. At the opposite end of the range, magnalight.com has an 80 LED light bar that is 40 inches long, 2.75 inches tall and 2.7 inches deep.

"We have had a tremendous response to the LED emitter lights when it comes to repeat sales," stated Rob Bresnahan, President of Magnalight.com. "Generally, there is skepticism about the amount of the light these bars can produce and project. However, after limited trials, customers return to buy more. Each individual LED is packaged inside of its own reflector. When grouped together, the effect is similar to a wide spot beam, illuminating a large area with even, bright, white light. The 12 LED light models easily light up an area 400 feet long by 400 feet wide, and along with the 8 LED models, these have been popular with the security industry. They work well with all kinds of cameras for surveillance applications. The 40 LED lights and 80 LED lights are popular with military and mining applications, where durability and longevity, supported by our waterproof and shockproof design, are critical. We now offer these LED light emitters in infrared models, including 850 nm and 940 nm, which are ideal for covert night vision applications," Rob continued. "Our 20 LED models are popular with customers looking to light up signs in a retail environment and the 16 LED and 24 LED light emitters are popular replacements for traditional halogen lights on front loaders, wheel loaders, tractors and other heavy equipment where traditional lighting solutions tend to break regularly. The 4X4 and 4X6 LED arrays concentrate more luminosity in a tighter area which is ideal for construction related applications. NASA is using them on the lunar rovers, the US military is using them to outfit the MRAPs and the Coast Guard is using them because they eliminate the problems with 'casting' on the open water, since the light produced in not reflective."

"In fact," Rob announced, "we have a pending ATEX rating on the LED lights for use in hazardous location areas and we are submitting it to UL for an explosion proof, Class 1 Division 1 rating in United States. Given their lightweight design, waterproof construction and longevity, we think that these LED light emitters offer several advantages in the explosion proof lighting marketplace. Given that most metal halide and fluorescent fixtures are very heavy, these LED emitter lights offer lightweight, powerful alternatives to the established choices, especially where portability is required. There could be a big difference in dragging a 125 pound light fixture into a tank for cleaning through a 18 inch manhole and bringing a 20 pound light fixture. More importantly, it is not necessary to relamp these LED lights, so you are not relying on operators to properly re-assemble gaskets and hardware improperly within the fixture, possibly creating a hazardous situation."

Rob concluded, "Generally, I think LED lights have turned the corner. A lot of the initial LED applications, like flashlights and other handheld lights, were weak flood lights at best, covering 15 or 20 feet. Although much more expensive, the newer LED technology offers very powerful light output, while still drawing much less amps and longevity of 100,000 plus hours. People look for our LED light emitters because they are waterproof and draw fewer amps than any other lighting solution. However, they are shocked when they see how much light they put out. That is why OEMs are integrating them into all kinds of mobile equipment, where low amp draw requirements usually relegated their designs to low output halogens. Although significantly more expensive initially, these LED light emitters are a real breakthrough when it comes to total cost of ownership for equipment builders and designers."

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John Stewart

Barricade Cargo Netting

  • Safely contains cargo and pets
  • Adds an aggressive style to your Jeep
  • Heavy duty nylon construction
  • Reinforced triple stitched for strength
  • Weather resistant
  • Easily installs using straps and buckles
  • 3 Year Limited Warranty
  • See more at Extreme Terrain Barricade Netting Page: http://www.extremeterrain.com/wrangler-jeep-cargo-nets.html

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    John Stewart

    Barricade Bumpers


    Barricade has released a full line of front and rear bumpers and tires carrier for all Jeep Wranglers. These strong and affordable bumpers are the perfect addition to any JK, TJ or YJ.  The entire line is built with strength and quality in mind while still maintaining a price that won’t break the bank. All of the bumpers include the necessary hardware to install them on your Jeep vehicle.

    Barricade Bumpers Page at ExtremeTerrain: http://www.extremeterrain.com/barricade-jeep-wrangler-bumpers.html

    • Strong steel construction

    • 2 stage powder coated finish

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    John Stewart

    Charge Your Mission-Critical Batteries, Anywhere at Anytime

    Charge Your Mission-Critical Batteries, Anywhere at Anytime

    ALTEN Energy Solutions Introduces its ALTEN Battery Chargers to the North America Market After 10 Years of use in the Australian Outback.

    Ferndale, WA (PRWEB) August 18, 2008 -- ALTEN Energy Solutions, a Pacific Northwest company focused on DC generation, distribution and storage is introducing a range of products for the Off-Grid systems, Marine, Off-Road, Industrial and Recreational Vehicle markets where power redundancy is critical.

    ALTEN's product suite focuses on the generation, energy storage and distribution of DC (Direct Current) power. This will include developing affordable, intelligent DC power systems to help enable homes and businesses achieve balanced energy consumption with a platform which acts as an energy buffer for grid supplied power during peak demand periods and power failures.

    As micro generation and energy storage technologies continue to develop around the world, ALTEN is concentrating its efforts to introduce efficient and reliable platforms that can be employed today. After a decade of reliable use in Australia, ALTEN is excited to announce a line of portable, powerful DC battery chargers powered by high efficient HONDA gas and HATZ diesel engines that meet stringent emission requirements.

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