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2010 Navajo Nation Tour

For those who were able to make this trip, we discovered one of the most extraordinary places in the USA. Our entire trip was spent in the Navajo Nation and we were fortunate to get a glimpse of the immensely rich cultural and historic character of this remarkable place.

As we have mentioned before, this type of trip is not just about seat time in the 4WD. It is an adventure to explore the land, it's history, it’s people and, of course, the scenery. To do this, it necessarily meant that we needed to get out of our vehicles and enjoy the adventure up close. Full appreciation was not possible without knowing some history of the area and without some "foot" exploration. We did just that and have the worn out boots to prove it.

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Grub Hub makes camping easier

"The patented new Grub Hub camp kitchen," says Mr. Baughman, "addresses this challenge by making camping much more organized and making camp kitchen tasks much easier."

“The Grub Hub camp kitchen supports and promotes a very sustainable camping methodology by providing highly portable and organized cooking and working space, as well as support for lighting and water and other features such as air dry bags for cleaning solid dishes.” Baughman adds that, “The product's features and functionalities assist campers in working much more efficiently outdoors and help reduce convenience packaging and other wasteful methods. Easy outdoor preparation of real meals to fuel real activities is our goal.”

The product is compact and lightweight with an aluminum frame, molded tables and expedition grade materials that reflect durability needed for serious outdoor use. As the product’s designer, Mr. Baughman adds that, “The quality built Grub Hub not only promotes sustainability but is a sustainable product itself. It is made from modular serviceable components that provide a virtually unlimited service life for the unit as a whole. The unit won’t easily break or wear out but when it does we can easily service all of the components.”

For hunters, fishermen, mountain bikers, climbers, hikers, and others with a strong environmental ethic and appreciation for quality, the Grub Hub may be the perfect solution for organizing camp while helping to reduce impacts on their favorite camping areas.

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Bill Would Create the Johnson Valley National Off-Highway Vehicle Recreation Area

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Cook has responded by releasing the draft legislation which would ensure that OHV recreation, and its resultant economic benefits, is protected in this important area.  This draft legislation also ensures that the Marines have the necessary capabilities and access to perform training activities crucial to their mission, by allowing the Marines to access portions of the area for up to 42 days per year for training, provided non-dud-producing rounds are used.  This is truly a win-win proposal.

A hearing has been scheduled on the draft legislation for Friday, April 26 in the House Natural Resources Committee, Subcommittee on Public Lands and Environmental Regulation.  ARRA will follow up with you soon to provide an opportunity to weigh in with Subcommittee Members, as well to provide an opportunity to thank Representative Cook for being a champion for access

Visit Representative Cook's website for more information.

The hearing notice can be viewed at the House Resources Committee Subcommittee on Public Lands website.

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The Partnership for Johnson Valley, in the spirit of cooperation, met with off-highway industry leadership to discuss possible Marine Base expansion into Johnson Valley

Glendale, CA - The Partnership For Johnson Valley (PFJV) hosted a two-hour meeting last Wednesday, July 2nd at the California Trail User Coalition’s headquarters to strategize and align communication amongst a multitude of OHV Leaders. The strategy meeting was originally announced June 16th, following a Johnson Valley presentation given by PFJV to many of the same groups of OHV leaders. The purpose of the strategy meeting was to invite the many concerned OHV leaders into a collaborative, trusting and open relationship in an effort to preserve Johnson Valley as an Open Access multiple-use area managed by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM).

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1,000 Signatures a Day Needed to Help Save Johnson Valley

January 15th, 2013: JOHNSON VALLEY, CA:  In the ongoing effort to Save the Johnson Valley OHV area, a new campaign has emerged to raise national awareness regarding the expansion of the 29 Palms Marine base onto public lands. Volunteers have created a petition on the White House.gov site (http://petitions.whitehouse.gov) with the hope of receiving formal recognition from the White House regarding The Johnson Valley OHV area.  The White House has committed to responding to any petition that receives 25,000 or more signatures within a 30 day time frame.

The petition specifically requests the White House to deny any request by the 29 Palms Marine Base to withdraw land from The Johnson Valley OHV area and use it for base expansion purposes. The title of the petition specifically requests the White House to: “Save the Johnson Valley OHV Area. Be fiscally responsible. Stop 29 Palms Marine base expansion. Keep public lands open.” This petition will need roughly 1,000 signatures a day to be eligible to receive a response from a White House representative.

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