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Fundraisers Raise the OffRoad Community to a New Level

FAST-Aid Relief Fund Surpasses $130,000 for MDR California 200 Accident

MESA, AZ – SEPTEMBER 6, 2010:  August 14, 2010 changed the lives of many in the off road community.  Some lost loved ones, some suffered injuries, and some remember a scene that will be hard to forget after the California 200 Accident.  On the same day, the off road community rallied together to support everyone involved.  Over 15 days later, there is no sign of this solid family throttling back.

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EPA Denies Petition Calling for Lead Ammunition Ban

WASHINGTON (Aug 27, 2010) - The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency today denied a petition calling for a ban on the production and distribution of lead hunting ammunition. EPA sent a letter to the petitioners (Center for Biological Diversity and other groups that had sought to ban the use of lead in ammunition) explaining the rejection.

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Pine Wood Derby Jeep

March 10, 2010 -- Its that time a year again. A time when goodhearted young men take a stab at a block of wood and try to turn it into a sleek racer. Boy Scouts everywhere compete to build cars from blocks of wood and are awarded for their speed and creative design. Of course the real fun happens when these same young men turn to their adult roles models in search of guidance. Experience has taught us to push the envelope of design (aka cheat) and we gladly impart this wisdom to our children, and bonding then occurs.

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Basic to Advanced Winching and Recovery DVD Released

Winching and Recovery DVDRedondo Beach, CA (Mar 10, 2010) – Badlands Off-Road Adventures today is announcing the release of a new off-road learning DVD.

The winch is a useful off-road tool that can quickly become dangerous and potentially lethal to the operator and spectators.  Proper use requires good working knowledge and, since winches are not used too often, thorough training is a must to retain that knowledge.

This new DVD covers safety related issues, basic operation, simple and complex riggings, stuck assessment, winch capability and minimizing environmental impact. The DVD provides broad working knowledge including the skill to assess each situation and the means to retain a working knowledge of winch use.

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Campfire Grill Combo - It Works

Campfire in a canFrom a grill to a campfire - unique product provides versitility and function, and is environmentally friendly

Early afternoon and the motorhome was parked.  I finished the final campsite chores and began thinking about dinner preparations - hamburgers grilled over charcoal.  And, I had a new charcoal grill provided by Camp-Fire-in-a-Can to try.

Nationwide, land management agencies and campground operators are removing traditional fire rings and charcoal grills.  They are maintenance intensive and often collect unsightly trash.  And, ground fires when not properly extinguished, have been linked to forest fires.  In all, a long cherished tradition of a campfire is becoming a memory of the past.

This has created an opportunity for Camp-Fire-in-a-Can.  Their product is a combination charcoal grill and wood burning fire container claiming to be environmentally friendly.  Their product would be used for the evening meal and evening campfire.

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