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Nevada Trails - Western Region

Nevada TrailsDuring the 1950's, American families began taking the roads less traveled across western public lands.  The backcountry beckoned and surplus military jeeps were plentiful.  In the ensuing years, families began seeking backcountry destinations and enjoying their leisure time exploring remote locations far from paved roads.  While some were seeking a destination, for others the journey was the destination.

Keying on the desire of people to explore backcountry by-ways, the folks at Adler Publishing began developing guidebooks highlighting spectacular backroads and 4-wheel drive trails.

Their latest in the backcountry trails series focuses on the western region of Nevada bounded by Reno, Winnemucca, and Tonopah.  This region feature a step back in time complete with abandoned mines, buildings and entire towns. The Nevada Trails edition features day trips and weekend get-a-ways to 39 locations and over 600 miles of trails in the remote Nevada backcountry.
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Lowrance Baja 540 GPS Receiver

Lowarance Baja 540Global Position System technology has been available to the public since the U.S. Air Force launched the final Navstar satellite into orbit in the summer of 1993.  With the growing popularity of portable GPS receivers, maps and compass have become relics.  While many GPS units are hand-held with small viewing screens, a growing number are becoming dedicated navigation devices with larger viewing screens.

One such model is the Lowrance Baja 540 GPS receiver.  Featuring a 5 inch 16-color display, this GPS is ruggedized and shock-resistant; made for off-highway use.  The unit is pre-loaded with basic maps of the U.S.  An optional feature allows for more detailed topographical maps to be loaded.
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What’s Fuelly?

Fuelly is one of the latest community sites appearing on the web.  Fuelly is a site that lets you track, share, and compare your gas mileage. Simply sign up, add a car or motorcycle, and begin tracking your mileage.

By recording and analyzing your mileage, you can see how much money you can save with small driving changes. You can also see how your mileage compares with EPA estimates and the mileage of other drivers using Fuelly.

Tips and a discussion forum also offer ways to save.

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Repairing Old Cars Makes Cents

Today's budget-minded consumers are choosing to repair old cars rather than buy new vehicles.

East Patchogue, NY (PRWEB) September 17, 2008 -- Recent news reports show that due to the weak United States economy, many carmakers are reporting significant declines in new car sales. Trends illustrate that instead of purchasing new cars, many American consumers are deciding to keep and repair their current vehicles.

The online traffic generated at www.UNeedAPart.com, a free online used car parts locator service, reflects this trend. The Long Island-based company is reporting a 20% increase in visitors compared to this time last year.

Pete Sindone, Vice President of UNeedAPart.com, says that "in this economic downturn, delaying a new car purchase can be a smart choice." He says, "Purchasing a new car, or leasing one, can mean another large monthly payment consumers have to fit into their already stretched budgets. By repairing the cars they already have, consumers can save money. With quality parts and regular maintenance, people can greatly extend the lives of their automobiles and get better fuel mileage."

UNeedAPart.com has also experienced a large number of requests for major car parts such as engines and transmissions. As Sindone explains, "When expensive parts such as the engine or transmission go, it is time to decide if fixing a car is worth it. If our queries are any indication, more and more consumers are deciding it is."

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How to Manage in a Changing Economic Environment

Bills.com provides 5 ways to survive today's tighter economy.

San Mateo, CA (PRWEB) September 17, 2008 -- The U.S. economy has taken a turn to tougher times, and many citizens are feeling the pinch. To help ease the strain, Bills.com President Ethan Ewing offers five specific areas of economic tightening -- and suggests actions individuals can take.

"About five years ago, low interest rates were on their way out; Americans were dipping into home equity; gas prices averaged less than $1.50 per gallon; and with the dollar at a record high in 2002, we could jet-set and import to our collective heart's content," Ewing noted. "Today, of course, the picture has changed dramatically."

Bills.com provided these five points to help individuals update their financial plans to reflect the biggest changes in Americans' personal economies.

1.   What and how you drive. Then: SUV sales peaked at 56 percent of all vehicle sales in 2004, when gas cost $2 a gallon. Now: With gas prices around $4 a gallon in most U.S. markets, large SUVs were 8 percent of all vehicle sales in 2007. What to do: Choose a car that fits your budget and lifestyle. If you require a lot of seats or cargo space, find the best mileage you can, while bearing in mind safety and other factors. "If you own an SUV that you cannot sell, do not panic," Ewing said. "Holding a vehicle often makes more sense than taking a big financial loss. If gas prices are crunching you, look into other options, such as walking or bicycling to work, carpooling, taking public transit, finding a job and home that are located closer together, or investing in an inexpensive means of transportation, such as an older, good-mileage vehicle or a scooter."

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