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Legal-Ease 101: What is Intervention in court (and why)?

You may have heard about one of our off-road groups "intervening" in a court action.  This is not the same as filing a lawsuit.  Herein we will explain what it means to be an "intervenor" in a court action, and why it is an essential part of our access efforts.

Legal actions can be described as offensive and defensive.  To intervene is a defensive maneuver that can save the day for us, by ensuring we have a seat at the table when recreational decisions are made.

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Rumbling of Thunder

Rumbling of Thunder - A Whole New Sound in the Off-road World

The over-paid, seldom-right weather man spoke with such animation and excitement that you couldn’t help but get taken in by his rambling analysis of the on-coming weather pattern (from outer space).  But he had me from hello when he mentioned the "rumbling of thunder” and how we would be hearing it for some time to come.  I realized at that moment he had just described the new sound I’ve been hearing in the off-road skies – thunder!

Thunder is the sound made by lightning, ranging from a sharp loud crack, to a long, low rumble.  I don’t think there is any one reason for this “storm,” but rather a culmination of people getting fed up with unnecessary closures and restrictions.  Can you see the lightning and hear the thunder?

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The Future is Calling

The Future Is Calling -- Who will be there to answer?

By Del Albright, BlueRibbon Coalition Ambassador

Activists in off-road recreation seem to be an aging group – no offense intended.  Many of us are “gray hairs” and many are working so hard that “burnout” may cause some premature aging.  I worry that not enough young folks are taking up the torch and carrying the flame. When the future calls, will we have folks there to answer?

I was enjoying the business of an annual convention recently of the California Association of 4WD Clubs (CA4WDC) when I noticed long-time activist Jim Bramham sitting nearby with his grandson, Oscar (2 and 1/2 years old).  I swung the camera towards Oscar and said, “Hello.”  Upon hearing those familiar words, Oscar picked up his play calculator like it was a telephone and answered me back.  Cute.

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Resolving Problems in Recreational Clubs

Resolving Problems in Recreational Clubs - Dealing with "Partners, Possibles, and Poops"

I have finally discovered the biggest problem with trying to keep clubs alive and well.  Yup, after all these years as a writer, outdoorsman, and facilitator, I have found the secret to what causes our clubs and organizations to fall apart or at least get rusty.  Oh, and if you’re saying to yourself that it’s not your club at issue, then keep reading because I predict that every recreationist in our country will face this issue sooner or later.

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If you are buying from outfits merely because they’re cheap and not checking to see if they support landuse, you might as well give a similar amount of money to the Sierra Club or other anti-access groups trying EVERY DAY to shut us down.   It’s that simple.

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