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One primary way to save our sports and keep our trails open is to always set a good example for others...especially for those who are not members of organized recreation and might not know the rules of the road.  Your club or group should have a list of rules/ethics to play by.  It's not a hard thing to build (the list) and it just takes education to get folks to follow along.  Well, some folks might never get it and they just need to be busted by the law if needed.

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January 2013 Highlighted Landuse Issues/Links from Team Albright

This landuse update comes to you from Del Albright, Outdoor Recreation Advocate

January 2013 Highlighted Landuse Issues/Links from Team Albright

1.     Johnson Valley, the Hammers – PLEASE sign the petition needing 1000 signatures a day, to request the White House to deny any request by the 29 Palms Marine Base to use land from Johnson Valley OHV area for base expansion.  We love the Marines; but they don’t need our OHV area.   Go here to sign:  http://ultra4racing.com/featured/1000-signatures-a-day-needed-to-help-save-the-hammers/.

2.     Oregon – comments needed on Oregon Dunes Designated Routes Project DEIS, right away.  Best coastal dunes around are in jeopardy and need our help.  Your letter can make a difference.  BRC has a sample letter here: https://www.sharetrails.org/alerts/2013/01/15/oregon--comments-needed-on-oregon-dunes-10c-designated-routes-project-deis.

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Following the national NAMRC formula  

OVERVIEW: The solution to a positive future for motorized recreation lies in more unity among users. Statewide cooperation and coordination between different modalities (like dirt bikes, 4x4, atv, utv, etc.) are key to ending the dauntless onslaught of anti-access propaganda and closure efforts. This short article will explain how to set up a state level group following the example of the national effort NAMRC – North American Motorized Recreation Council.

NAMRC has brought together dozens of off-highway groups, melding all modes of recreation, making a huge difference in our national approach to securing a future for our sports. The same thing needs to happen at every state level, with all state groups coordinating with NAMRC. No chain of command or change in authority is suggested; just information, communication, coordination and cooperation -- from a multiple-use perspective.

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A New President! Now What?

Recreationists Must Unite and Mobilize

By Del Albright, BlueRibbon Ambassador

Recreationists who enjoy the backcountry, waterways, off-pavement trails and SUV exploring have a huge new door of opportunity open to us – as well as a new challenge. The time has never been more critical for us to unite and mobilize to enjoy this new door and meet this new challenge.  No matter how you wanted this election to turn out, we have to step up, work together, and mobilize our forces to help this new administration understand our sports and access issues.

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Elite Internet Army Needed – Help with Land Use and Access

from Del Albright's Blog 

On behalf of the BlueRibbon Coalition and my role as an Ambassador for BRC, I offer you a chance to become part of an elite team of access soldiers. BRC Senior Staff, Stacie and I are launching an effort to build a better network of communications in the Internet/Blog world for access and land use issues.

We are determined to experiment with a variety of ways to improve Internet communications, help you better understand the recreational world, and provide you the opportunity to make a huge difference in saving our trails and our sports. We are looking to find a few select individuals to become the eyes and ears of our access efforts, in particular our BlueRibbon Kickin' Access Technology Team (KAT Team).

The job is easy – post, listen, lurk, communicate and notify. There is no cost to you; you only gain. We are hoping to take advantage of what you already do in the web world. We need to expand our army and improve communications across the board – and across the Internet world. You can help.

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