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John Stewart

Urban Disasters No Match For A Prepared 4-Wheeler

In previous columns I’ve discussed how to prepare your vehicle for driving off-road, and offered a number of safety suggestions for you and your passengers. The goal, of course, is to make sure you are properly prepared for your trip and ready for most contingencies.


In honor of National Preparedness Month, I’d like to revisit the issue of preparedness but take more of a “big picture” approach.

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John Stewart

Know How To Read A Map, And You May Stay Alive


GPS units are of limited use when you’re driving off road. The maps and other data they provide tell you how to get from Point A to Point B, but they say nothing about the quality of the roads. This became painfully clear to a group that was traveling in the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument in early August. Instead of a leisurely ride, these folks found themselves being led down the wrong roads, many of which were barely passable, and way off course. They ended up at the edge of a cliff, where they spent the night before being rescued.

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John Stewart

ARRA Newsletter - October 2008

Finding a solution hasn't been a pretty sight either, but then, the legislative process never is. No one knows whether the financial package designed to address this situation will provide a permanent solution, let alone a temporary one. We all seem to be holding our collective breath just hoping that things won't get worse and uncertain about what to do if our fears become reality. Call it the trial and error method. But one thing is certain, the ramifications stemming from the federal "cure" will be felt for generations to come.

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John Stewart

California OHV Sticker Fee Increased

In addition to the original fee increases, the bill directed the DMV to implement future fee increases when the California Consumer Price Index (CCPI), as calculated by the Department of Finance, showed increases in inflation.  The CCPI measures inflation by tracking a number of common items purchased by consumers.  The increases in the CCPI over the past five years triggered previous $1 increases on other vehicle code sections, but not until now has it affected the two, $3 OHV fees given to CHP from OHV identification (registration).
The increased Green/Red Sticker fees became effective on January 1, 2009.  For more information, visit the California State Parks Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation Division website.

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John Stewart

Sharing Our Trails – A Guide to Trail Safety and Enjoyment

Recreation Groups Join Forces to Improve Trail Safety and Enjoyment of Public Lands

A group of national and state trail advocacy organizations representing equestrian, OHV, and bicycle interests recently completed a collaborative effort to develop  a new guide called “Sharing Our Trails – A Guide to Trail Safety and Enjoyment”.  The guide is intended to be used in a variety of ways such as incorporation in trail brochures, magazine articles and trail education programs of all types.

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