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Monumental Outlook Over the Horizon

A Spirit of Volunteerism: The New Giant Sequoia National Monument Association

2009 was a Banner Year!  We are at a historic junction with the formation of the first Giant Sequoia National Monument Association (Monument Association), a new legacy for decades to come.  It is the simple but compelling idea that the creation of a non-profit can be a rite of passage for many to engage in civic life by volunteering, protecting this nation’s natural resources, and impacting future generations.

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John Stewart

Royal Purple Official Oil of 2010 King of the Hammers

JOHNSON VALLEY, CA, (Dec 8, 2009):  Hammerking Productions announces Royal Purple as the Official Oil of the 2010 Griffin King of the Hammers.

“Royal Purple synthetic lubricants are specially formulated to excel in a variety of conditions ranging from your everyday driving to the most outrageous of extreme conditions,” states Patrick Burris, Royal Purple’s Motorsports Marketing Coordinator. “The King of the Hammers event is a perfect pairing for Royal Purple and it’s products, not only in the overall event but for all of the teams participating and winning with Royal Purple running through their veins.”

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John Stewart

Before You Hit the Road, Check This Closure List

(Dec 21, 2009) - ‘Tis the season — for hitting the highway. Many families will be packing their Dodge Journeys and Caravans over the next few days and taking the kids to visit relatives out of state. And as all parents know, traveling with kids (or without) means plenty of pit stops for snacks, bathroom breaks, or merely stretching legs. But this year adds a new wrinkle: Recent budget cuts have actually forced many states to start shuttering some of their rest stops to make ends meet; particularly hard hit are Arizona, Virginia, Louisiana and California. There is some good news, though — with a little advance planning (and this clickable list of rest stop closures by state [scroll down]), you can make sure you don’t get stranded driving another 65 miles to the next rest area when your kids have to go.

Source: Red Letter Dodge

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John Stewart

OHV Community Mourns the Passing of a Friend


Don Klusman served as the northern natural resource consultant for many years, as well as being an event chair and CA4WDC board member.  Among the many services to the OHV community, he worked on several national forest and BLM management plans and recently completed work on a two-state advisory council subcommittee helping to develop a management plan for the Black Rock Desert-High Rock Canyon Emigrant Trails National Conservation Area.  Don pursued studies on the California Environmental Quality Act, National Environmental Policy Act and the Endangered Species Act.  He has served on several committees for the California Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation Division, California Back Country Discovery Trail and California Chamber of Commerce.

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John Stewart

Don't Trash the Environment


This whole process starts even before you leave home. The best way to minimize the amount of trash you generate is to eliminate as much packaging as possible. Take cereal, for example. You don’t need that big box with you. Pack just the bag of cereal inside. A rubber band will keep the bag closed, and you can use the rubber band for other things. Ditto for the plastic bag. If you eat up all your cereal, fold up the bag for future use.

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