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John Stewart

Johnson Valley Comments Needed

29 Palms Marine Corps base to the East of Johnson Valley wants to expand in size. Instead of expanding east into useless wilderness areas, they want to go West into Johnson Valley with the hopes that the OHV community will not put up much of a fight.

The loss of this area would hurt the entire OHV community.

We can't let them expand West.

What we are asking you to do:

We have set up a letter generator with pre-loaded arguments (Topic sentences) Please select an argument, add 1-2 of your own sentences and send it.

The link is here: http://dev.aldosgroup.com/LetterGenerator/

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John Stewart

Tell the State Legislature and Governor Brown Hands Off the OHV Trust Fund!!

The legislature needs to hear from the OHV community immediately. Tell them before another dollar is "borrowed" from this user funded program they first need to repay the $112 million (total) they took 2008 and 2009. Good fiscal management of this program should be rewarded and respected, not penalized!

With other sectors of California State Parks facing a fiscal crisis, now is the time to identify those facilities that should be part of the SVRA system. State Parks have already announced plans to close a number of parks due to budget constraints. Instead they should work to identify those units that could offer new OHV opportunities and be kept open and managed by the OHV division.



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John Stewart

User Commets Sought in Truckhaven Planning

Complete the on-line questionnaire at http://www.planocotillowells.org/ by March 31.

Help identify key planning issues for OW North by completing the online questionnaire. Your input will help guide early project research!

The Freeman property (also known as Truckhaven/Desert Cahuilla) was acquired by California State Parks in 2006. Senator Denise Ducheny and Senator Dennis Hollingsworth recently convened a group of stakeholders to establish a plan for dividing the Freeman Property between Anza Borrego Desert State Park and Ocotillo Wells State Vehicular Recreation Area (SVRA).

Following the stakeholder group meetings, the plan was finalized under Senate Bill 855. (http://www.planocotillowells.org/documents/SB855.pdf) This legislation specifies that the northwestern portion of the property be annexed to Anza Borrego Desert State Park and the southeastern portion of the property be annexed to Ocotillo Wells SVRA. This map depicts the annexations. The Ocotillo Wells SVRA addition, now called “Ocotillo Wells North” for general planning purposes only, will be included in the General Plan and EIR project that is underway.

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John Stewart


The Lame-Duck Congress is limping along and with each day in session, the chances for an Omnibus Public Lands Bill increase.  The proposed Omnibus Public Lands Bill includes many proposals that will have a negative impact of motorized recreation opportunity.

Please take a moment and MAKE A CALL to your Senators about the lame duck Omnibus Bill about to hit us. My friends in the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) have a great Action Alert with more information here and a link where you can get the phone number for YOUR SENATOR here:  http://www.americanmotorcyclist.com/legisltn/rapidresponse.asp

Critical attention must be paid to the following Senators that have great influence over the future of this legislation. If you are a constituent of any of these Senators, please call them today and ask everyone you know to do the same:  Senators McCain (AZ), Bennett (UT), Corker (TN), Brownback (KS), Voinovich (OH), Collins (ME), Snowe (ME), McConnell (KY), Kyl (AZ), Thune (SD), Barrasso (WY), Bunning (KY), Burr (NC), Risch (ID), Ensign (NV) and Sessions (AL).

I am asking for phone calls and not emails as this is THAT important (and time sensitive).  Make a quick call and tell them NO Omnibus Bill – because:
1.  There’s not been any real public debate or input and even if the bill has some good stuff in it, we, the public need time to digest and review it.
2.  This is being shoved through (down our throats) in too big a hurry.  It’s not the way government was intended to work.
3.  The bill contains multiple land designations that merely CLOSE us out of our public lands – we need time to review, digest, comment, and CHANGE the language.  It certainly does not represent the will of the public.
4.  This thing contains vast spending measures that are not relevant to public land access.
5. Basically, this is a unilateral agenda to close millions of acres of public lands – YOUR land.

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John Stewart

AZ - Havasu Travel Management Plan Extended

“Many people requested we extend the deadline so that winter visitors have a chance to comment and participate in the process as well,” McCoy added. “The Mohave County Board of Supervisors and Lake Havasu City elected officials also requested more time at recent meetings with BLM.”

McCoy concluded that the additional time will also allow BLM to look at routes that people have commented about or feel that BLM missed during the inventory process. Particular attention will be given to dry washes as they must be inventoried and mapped to be included in the trails network.

The Environmental Assessment will evaluate all of the motorized and non-motorized routes of travel and their affected resources in the current inventory of existing routes in the study area. The Assessment will have three transportation route network alternatives designating each route as open, limited or closed.  The Havasu Travel Management Planning area generally includes public lands in the Lake Havasu Field Office south of Interstate 40 (both sides of the Colorado River), extending to five to seven miles north of the Bill Williams River.

Maps of the Havasu Unit can be reviewed online at http://www.blm.gov/az/st/en/fo/lake_havasu_field.html or by contacting Myron McCoy, Outdoor Recreation Planner at the BLM Lake Havasu Field Office, 2610 Sweetwater, Lake Havasu City, AZ 86406; Telephone (928) 505-1216.

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