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Border To Border Update - Sunday

Border to Border Update - follow Chris and Del on their journey finding the dirt roads from Mexico to Canada

Life on this border to border trip is simple – drive, camp, eat, have a cold one, sleep, drive some more.  We do 12 hour driving days, switching off on the wheel as we need to.  Radar the Wonder Dog helps keep things lively as he gets excited every time we turn a new corner or see something new.  Energy drinks don’t hurt, either.

So far, we’re 6 days and over 600 miles of dirt into this trek from Mexico to Canada, with a long ways to go, but a totally amazing assortment of adventures under our belt.  We started in the Algodones sand dunes, and are now in Bishop, CA, having traveled through parts of the Mojave, Joshua Tree National Park, Death Valley and yesterday, Saline Valley.

Sometimes we find ourselves without the right information – in spite of our best efforts, gear and technology.  Land use designations change faster than our information sources can keep up.  Military base expansions, Wilderness designations and a few new fences have surprised us and caused us to re-route things.  But hey, we’re doing it; we’re north bound on dirt.

I love Death Valley, as always, but seeing Giant Rock was a new one for me and it was amazing to be up close to this monster.  The thing I liked least was getting mistakenly committed to dozens of miles of desert whoop-dee-doo’s where 5 miles an hour, with a continual butt-beating, was the extent of our day.

Today, Saturday, we’re linking up with the Mammoth4x4 Club to do a club cleanup along highway 395.  After that we’re back in the desert, in the middle of somewhere, and north bound and down.

Follow their progress on-line at Find Me Spot

Giant Rock Death Valley Wild Burros
Saline Valley Hottubs Saline Valley  
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Colorado Federal land title information available
Border To Border Update

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