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Ford Center Console Repair

My 2006 F-150 has been reliable transportation.  Yeah, I have replaced the battery a couple of times.  And, the tires.  And. I have kept a regular change of fluids cycle.  But…  Yeah, there is always that “but”.

I have the center console that will flip up for an extra seat in the front.  The console has a cup holder and a lid covering a storage compartment.  The cupholder is ringed by by a padded foam trim covered with vinyl.  (Note the images at right.)  The foam pad is secured to the mounting base by a lip that slips into a matching grove on the plastic base plate.

Over time, the pieces separated and no amount of effort could reseat the padded foam lip into the grove on the plastic base plate.

Checking with a very competent upholstery expert resulted in a “Well, you might be able to…”

A search of the internet revealed that for a mere $245 I could have a salvaged center console that was tan.  Mine is grey.  A new replacement console section (in grey) was over $300. 

Then, I found a grey padded cupholder rim.  The picture looked close and the sizes noted were very close — for $65.00.  It was worth the risk as other options were more expensive.

I received the replacement padded rim.  It wasn't “exactly” like mine, but the sizes (and color) were correct.  The replacement piece was noted as being for a 2003 F-150.

Removal of the plastic base was a guessing game.  Finding no screws holding it (and based on the design of the part I received), I assumed that plastic tabs were holding it in place.  

A big flat-bladed screwdriver proved to the necessary tool to pry up the base plate.  Once removed, I looked and noted that the original plate was secured by tabs; with the locking portion facing away from the outside edge.  The only way to remove the plastic base is pry it off which causes the tabs to break.  Really a poor design feature when replacement is required.

The new padded section did not have tabs.  It had plastic "screws" that locked into place.  I placed it over the console and those tabs matched the existing holes.  A quick push and the replacement padded section was locked securely into place.

While the replacement is an exact fit, it is slightly different.  The vinyl covering is wrapped around the plastic base plate.  And, the foam padding is a little smaller in volume than the original.  But, for a $200 pus price differential, it works.

For more F-150 console mods, see:  Lock your stuff - Console Vault Install

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