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The Rubicon Trail – Useful Information Before You Go

What Is The Rubicon Trail? 

If you enjoy off-roading in the western U.S., then you have probably heard of the Rubicon Trail.  If you haven't heard of it, or you're interested in more details, then you need to continue reading. Simply put, the Rubicon Trail is one of those Bucket List destinations for American overlanders. The 22-miles of alternating 4x4-trail and road has something for everyone.

Where Is The Rubicon Trail?

Located in California's historic gold rush territory, the trail snakes its way through parts of the Sierra Nevada range.  Approximately 63-miles east of Sacramento, on Interstate 50, is the junction with Ice House Road. Traveling on this road north out of Riverton will put you at Loon Lake after 23.4-miles. The Loon Lake trailhead sits at an elevation of 6,331 feet. The trail continues to climb in this section and it is here that overlanders will experience many of the legendary obstacles.

The Little Sluice Box, located on the south-east side of Devils Peak, sits at 6,684 feet in elevation. The remainder of the major obstacles is found at lower elevations, with Cadillac Hill finishing out the major challenges at 6,162 in height. The Rubicon then begins to meander down towards McKinney Lake. The Tahoe side of the Rubicon trail and staging area are located on the north-east side of the lake.

For more information, read the complete The Rubicon Trail – Useful Information Before You Go on the Overland site

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