Tera Manufacturing's YJ Z-Boxes
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Tera Manufacturing's YJ Z-Box
Tera Manufacturing's YJ Z-Box for Revolver Shackles.

Sandy, Utah, November 15, 2001.Tera Manufacturing introduces the YJ Z-Box for use with Revolver Shackles.

The Z-Box maximizes trail performance when combined with the Revolver Shackles on YJ. The Z-Box allows greater downward and upward wheel when used with TeraFlex Revolver Shackles. It reduces spring stress from spring twist caused by articulation. The opposing construction of the Z-box allows only one side to extend and a time. When used in combination with the YJ Revolver Shackles, this Z-box helps maintain consistent driveshaft angle.

Contact Tera Manufacturing (Sandy, Utah) for more information, 801.256.9897.