Go2Guy Engineering Dana 300 Adapter
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From the Go2Guy Engineering Press Release - 6/1/00

Dana 300 and NP231 Adapter

Dana 300 clocking adapter
Dana 300 clocking adapter mounted on the transfer case.
Dana 300 clocking adapter
Dana 300 on a 999 automatic with the adatper. Notice the near horizonal clocking.
Dana 300 clocking adapter
Dana 300 clocking adapter

My name is Ken Blume of Go2Guy Engineering and I have been an avid Jeeper for over 20 years. My love for this sport and education in Mechanical Engineering has always lead me to build a better mouse traps for my personal vehicles. I've made many friends in this sport and over the years have built, mud dragged, sand dragged, hill climbed, and rockcrawled a few highly modified rides. I am now in production of my latest creation, an adapter for curing the dreaded Dana 300 transfer case ground clearance blues. The following pages give a brief introduction and description of this product. Further questions can be e-mailed to my attention. Thank you for taking time to review the merits of this product. If you're as hooked as I am, and many are, you will appreciate the bang for the buck ground clearance gains this adapter delivers!

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