QL Scott Creates a New Hype
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From the QL Scott Press Release - 6/1/00

QL Scott Creates a New Hype

Toronto, Canada...Recently discovered, QL Scott, a company specializing in aftermarket products for Jeep vehicles, has launched their latest innovations into the automotive industry.

"We started to work on these projects four years ago and recently decided to launch them...Our goal is to manufacture and deliver top quality products to our customers without emptying their pockets...", explains Sasha Mitic, president of QL Scott.

Some of the products soon to be available are the GP Strap, GP Safari Strap, GP WindStop, GP CHTop, GP CSTop, GP TopStore, GP WinStore, and much more.

With its headquarters located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, "QL Scott is an international company that moved some of it's operations from Europe to North America. " In 1996, QL Scott began designing brand new products for Jeep vehicles", states Sasha Mitic. "We are ready to create the brand new hype with our soft tops, hard tops and other parts and accessories but more importantly we are looking for new distributors across the nation.".

QL Scott's goal is to target potential end users and corporations who understand the need for a refreshing new development in aftermarket industry for Jeep vehicles.

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Jeep is TM of DaimlerChrysler

GP is (C) of QL Scott

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