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by: Randy L. Wheeler

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Rockdogz Jeep on the Moab Rim Trail.  Easter Jeep Safari, 2000

I started this project several years ago.  The first upgrades included a Rancho 2.5 inch lift, Con-fer extended lift shackles, 1-inch body lift and a Lockright locker for the rear Dana 35.  Over the years, the suspension has been changed out to include a Rubicon Express 4-inch lift, the rear differential has had the Super 35 kit installed and recently upgraded to their Super 35 Detroit kit.  Other additions included a front locker, Warn XD9000i winch, custom rear bumper, custom TJ front bumper, 4.88 gears, Canyon City swing out tire carrier, KC Daylighter lights, rock lights, Durabak bed liner, Full Traction Suspension Shackle Reversal, and the modification I'm most proud of, my YJ Dash Conversion.  Other items include the installation of a set of TJ flares and a customized flat fender look. I also installed a Tera 4:1 kit and an in cab winch remote.


Rockdogz Projects Factory Upgrade Radiator Install
Most of us have been there before. We're out on the trail and due to the hot weather, the pace of the trail, or some internal mechanism, we start to overheat. For us mortal folk, that's generally not that big of a deal, we simply drink some cool liquids, sit in front of the air conditioner or sit in the shade and cool down. But when that overheating is in your trail rig, cooling down isn't necessarily so easy to do.
Raingler's Full Rack: Updated Product Review
This cool idea uses 2-inch military webbing for a unique way to store lightweight gear. With some nice design changes, this system is even more appealing than ever!
Raingler's Full Rack: Product Review
This cool idea uses 2-inch military webbing for a unique way to store lightweight gear.
Super Truss Superior Super 35 Axle Truss
Superior Axle & Gear has come out with a new product for Jeep YJ's and TJ's that adds a measure of strength to your Dana 35 - The Super 35 Axle Truss.
Jeep YJ Air Intake Conversion
Want to get rid of your stock air intake and upgrade to a TJ style intake with a conical K&N filter? Then read on....
In-cab Winch Remote Switch
Installing an in cab winch remote switch is easy andprovides instant access to your winch controls!
Installing a TeraLow 4:1 kit in a NP231 Transfer case
Installing lower gears will help your crawl ratio, but often times sacrificing highway performance. Installing a 4:1 kit will give your rig a much lower crawl ratio while retaining some of its on-road performance.
Full Traction Suspension's New Shackle Reversal Kit for Jeep Wranglers
Full Traction Suspension has come out with a completely bolt on shackle reversal kit for Jeep Wranglers that requires absolutely no welding or drilling for installation.
Flat Fender YJ
Give your Wrangler that "Classic" flat fender look!
Installing a set of TJ Flares on a YJ
Installing larger tires usually results in your tires rubbing and scraping your stock fender flares as the tire gets stuffed up into the fender well.  The solution?  Install a set of TJ flares.  TJ flares are larger and wider than stock YJ flares, thus increasing your tire clearance and overall tire coverage.
Mounting a trail rack inside your Jeep
What to do with your extra trail rack once you install a swing out tire carrier?  Mount it inside your tub!
YJ Dash Upgrade
The elegant lines of a CJ dash. Simple, uncluttered and no-nonsense. That's how I wanted the dash in my 1991 Wrangler to be. But the stock YJ dash is anything but that. Installing Dave's Off-Road laser cut steel dash in my YJ gave me the look I wanted.
Front bumper mounting light towers
This quick mounting tower using a couple of pieces of 2x2 square stock will make mounting off-road lights on your front bumper quick and easy.
Installing a Lockright Locker in a Jeep Dana 30
Randy Wheeler upgrades the front axle in his 1991 Wrangler with a Lockright Locker. The installation is surprisingly easy and the cost cannot be beat.
Graphic courtsey of Superior Axle & Gear Superior Axle & Gear's New Super 35 Detroit Kit
Superior Axle & Gear has refined their extreme duty Super 35 kit to include the venerable Detroit Locker.  This kit will truly bulletproof your Dana 35 rear axle!
Superior Axle & Gear's New Super 4.88 Gears
Superior Axle and Gear has finally introduced their new 4.88 gears for the AMC Model 20, Dana 30 (standard and reverse rotation) and the Dana 35. You are no longer limited to 4.56 gears. The additional 7% torque multiplication roughly makes up the difference between 33-in and 35-in tires. If you plan on running bigger meats, then check out these new gears!
Big Red Air Compressor
A large contact area increases your tire's traction holding capabilities, especially in rocks, snow and sand. But all too often, people don't deflate their tires simply because they don't have a way to reinflate them once they've completed the trail. The solution? A portable 12 volt air compressor that lets you inflate your tires (and your buddies tires).
Teraflex 2Low231 Kit
This kit will free up the front axle for better steering while keeping your low range. Now you can choose between either 4 Low or 2 Low. The 2Low231 kit provides a mechanical disconnect for the front and rear output shafts while in the neutral shift position, thus allowing for a "true neutral".
3/4 Elliptical Suspension for Jeep Wranglers
We all want more flex and articulation from our 4x4s. Some of us go to great lengths to increase the amount of flex and wheel travel from our trail rigs. A 3/4 elliptical suspension conversion on a leaf sprung Wrangler is a simple, yet effective modification that allows for more rear wheel travel and articulation at a low cost.
Garvin Industries Expedition Rack for Jeeps
Jeeps are great, but you just never have enough space in one to take everything you need on long trips or trails, The new Garvin Industries Expedition Rack for Wranglers & CJs provides some much needed extra storage space for these Jeeps.

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