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Explorer ProComp Coil Spring Suspension Lift kit for Jeep Wrangler YJ

I've had my 94 Wrangler for a little over a year now. Except for 30x9.50x15 tires and American Racing AR-23 wheels, it was stock when I bought it used from the dealer. I had Rancho 1" add-a-leafs and Rancho RS5000s put on about a month later. A few months after that I joined a local club and went on some runs and realized I had a lot of work to do to keep up with the big dogs.

Near the end of 1998, I was seriously looking at the Warn Coil Conversion (XCL) kit. At the time, it was still being billed as "bolt-on", but that quickly changed as the release date drew near. Once I saw how much time, skill, and money was involved (and realizing how little I had of those items), I decided to just get a really good spring lift, like Nationals or OME.

I was about a week away from ordering when I saw a 4 Wheel Parts Wholesalers ad for the Pro-Comp Coil Conversion kit. I had heard that they were coming out with one, but I had also heard it wasn't going to be ready until the end of the year. Guess I was wrong. I called and asked them if it was shipping, and they said it would be by the beginning of May. So, I ordered it and waited.

While I was waiting, I found a good deal on some 33x12.50.15 BFG MTs. The dealer had put 15x7 wheels on my Jeep, but I had a friend who had some 15x8 AR-23s that he wanted to trade with me (thanks Brent!). Done deal. Now, I knew that I was not going to be happy with the stock gears and 33x12.50 tires, so I started looking for some used axles. I found a good deal on a Dana 35c with 4.10 gears, new brakes, and an ARB with the c-clip eliminator (thanks Jeff!).

Now I just needed a front end and I was set. So, I figured I'd just drive around with the new lift and tires and wait for a good deal on a front end before swapping in the rear end. The lift arrived in the middle of June. We went on a local run that weekend, and on the way to and from work the next day I heard this terrible grinding sound coming from the front driver's side wheel. My friend and I decided it was probably bearings, but I didn't feel like working on it myself, so I took it in to a shop.

Sure enough, it was the bearings, but what I didn't know was that in the 1991 - 1995 YJs, the bearings are not serviceable. So, I was looking at close to $200 for parts, and $100 for labor. I knew I could get a used front end for about that much, so the Jeep went in the garage, and I began a serious search for a used Dana 30 with 4.10 gears. I checked a ton of junk yards and came up empty (well, I found one, but they wanted $650 for it!). I also called a lot of 4x4 shops, and no one had one. They would build me one for $1000, though. That was sure nice of them.

I finally found a guy in St. Louis that was selling a Dana 30 from a 92 YJ with 4.10 gears and a Detroit EZ-Locker (thanks Dan!). I was now in business. Some day I'll most likely upgrade to Dana 44s, but this should keep me going for a long time.

The lift kit in its box
The long awaited kit arrives

While I was still searching for the front end, I decided to go ahead and start the kit, just for the experience and something to do (I couldn't stand seeing my Jeep just sitting there), and then swap in the front end when it arrived. The instructions for the kit state that you MUST put on a transfer case slip yoke elimination kit. I was going to do that anyway, and I live close to Advance Adapters, so I drove up there and bought their kit and got a nice tour of the place as a bonus.

The instructions also state not to have a wheel that exceeds 8 inches in width, and that the diameter must be 15, 16, or 17 inches. Anything outside of this range will void the warranty. My wheels are 15x8, so I was fine there. The instructions state not to exceed 33x12.50 for the tire. Again, I had that covered. So, I was ready to get started.

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