OffRoadOnly: X-Line Winch Replacement and Extension Lines
Heavy-duty Winch Replacement Lines and Winch Extensions Short Cuts

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Prior Lake, MN, USA Monday, April 15, 2002 OffRoadOnly, LLC introduced X-Line Winch Replacement Line and Winch Extensions.

The X-Line winch products are made of Technora Fiber. Technora is a para-aramid fiber developed by Teijin, which has been commercially available since 1987. It has high tensile strength, high modulus and excellent resistance to heat and chemicals, especially acids and alkalis. This is extremely important since other winch replacement systems will not resist the heat generated by the winch and the high alkali environment in desert wheeling.

X-Line Winch Replacement Line
X-Line Winch Extension Line
OffRoadOnly X-Line Winch Replacement and Extension Lines

High tensile strength - The tensile strength of X-Line is 28g/de (24.7cn/dtex, 350kg/mm2), which is 8 times as strong as steel and 3 times as strong as fiberglass, polyester and nylon of the same weight. This significantly reduces weight and provides for safe handling under load.

Dimensional stability - X-Line has a stiff and highly oriented molecular structure which leads to a high modulus, low creep and low stress relaxation. Due to its low thermal shrinkage, it has good dimensional stability.

Heat resistance - X-Line has a decomposition temperature of 500C. It can be used at 200C for long periods of time and, even at 250C, it maintains more than half of its tensile strength that was measured at room temperature. This is 2 times better than UHMWPE fibers currently in use and has been a major concern to winch manufactures regarding the use of fiber ropes. X-Line solves this issue and provides a greater degree of safety.

Chemical resistance - X-Line exhibits high resistance to both acids, alkalis and organic solvents. It is also resistant to sea water and steam.

X-Line is made from copolymers PPTA (poly-paraphenylene terephthalamide).

X-Line is available in three strength ratings (14,000, 18,000, and 25,000 pounds), includes Stainless Steel Thimbles, Wear Guards on all splices, and a Black Poly Coating for UV protection. The Winch Replacement System includes a 28,000 pound rated Self-Locking Hook from German Grade 80 Steel.

These systems are designed to fit most 7,500-15,000 pound winches

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