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Border To Border Update

Warm Spring Canyon, Death Valley

Update from the Border to Border All Dirt Trip - June 13, 2009

The picture is of camp here in Warm Springs Canyon of Death Valley, testing the cool Coleman Stove and table from JeepCamping.com. Very nice weather.  Had a short visit with Uncle Patron last night so slept well.

No service in camp so I don't know when you will get this but it's going well and we hope to be in Saline Valley or Eureaka Dunes or Lippenciott Mine tonight.  Have not fully decided yet.

Doing Goler Wash and Butte Valley today with a short stop at Balarat.

Jeep is doing well and my butt is holding up ok.  Lots of driving and riding.  Every day is a 11 or 12 hour drive day.

Chris is keeping a full blog and log on www.fourwheeler.com (Chris Collard).

I'm keeping up my Facebook with pics and short updates.

Life on the road is good.  Can't wait to see my lovely woman tho.  This is a long adventure for Uncle Del.

the traveling guy, Del

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Border To Border - All Dirt - Mexico to Canada

Border to Border - 2009 All Dirt off road Jeep Trek From Mexico to Canada

G’day to all you Four Wheeler readers. Get ready for the Overland trek of the year. Read the press release below and stay tuned to Four Wheeler Blogs over the next month for a play-by-play of the ultimate Jeep trek. Because this is an all-dirt trek, we’ll only have Internet every few days. But don’t worry, we’ll be checking in with short clips of the adventure, images, and what’s coming next.

Follow Chris Collard and Del Albright as they travel Border to Border - 2009 All Dirt off road Jeep Trek From Mexico to Canada

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Destination: Inaugural Julian Starfest

Destination: Inaugural Julian Starfest - August 2008

One of the highlights of a wheeling trip is sitting around a campfire at the end of the day.  In the evening twilight faint spots of white begin to fill the sky.  Daylight soon becomes starlight.Telescope Display

The first dim spots of light to be seen in the sky are planets.  As the sunlight fades, more distant stars begin to appear.   

Over the years I have learned to identify the North Star and the Big Dipper.  Along with Orion's Belt and the Seven Sisters, which is familiar to many as the logo of Izuzu, they are some of the more recognizable star formations.

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Swansea-Cerro Gordo Trail

It was 9 am and the temperature was in the mid-90’s when we pulled off the highway at the start of the Swansea-Cerro Gordo Trail. The broad expanse of the Owens Lake lay to the south and the rugged slopes of the Inyo Mountains rose to the north.Swansea-Cerro Gordo Trailhead

Before the water wars of the early 1900’s, Owens Lake and the surrounding valley supported a thriving agriculture and mining population. As the Los Angles area grew, water was diverted from the eastern Sierra Nevada watershed and the Owens Valley to satisfy the thirsty population of the Los Angles Basin. Soon, the Owens Lake was reduced to a dry, dusty flatland. By the late 1990’s, a settlement was reached that reduced the diversion of water from the eastern Sierra Nevada and the Owens Valley. With water flows returned to the Owens River, pools of water were beginning to collect in the once dry lake. The once dry lake was now a patch-work of various colors in the morning sun.

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