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Communications Plan for the Internet Age

Technology provides a means to communicate and stay in touch with people.

Objective:  Provide a description of a strategy to improve communications between OHV community organizations and increase their presence on the World Wide Web.

Current Status:

Many OHV community organizations currently have web sites that provide a description of the organization and seek to entice new members to join.  Most organizations do maintain web forums where registered members can engage in on-line “conversation” on a variety of topics.  As a rule, the predominate model of a “corporate” presence on the web is a series of static web pages that are infrequently updated. In addition, there numerous commercial forums that cater to the OHV recreationist and the major magazines also maintain web sites.

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Networking - Working with Coalitions

Coalitions, or networks, are bound together by a common interest. Coalitions range in size from a handful of people to a large number of organizations involving many people. Each group is a distinct organization. As a coalition, they are concerned with a focused mission such as blocking proposed legislation threatening their common interest. Both can work independent of other groups or in collaboration with groups which share the same or similar interests.

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Your Club as a Business – Strategic Planning

Management is adapting to change. Planning aids the task of management; adapting to change. Strategic planning is the process of defining the organization's mission, vision, and values. Together, they provide an outline to guide the organization. The mission gives day-to-day relevance for the organization. The vision inspires beyond what may seem possible. And, the core values bind together the members of the organization by defining values that all hold dear.

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Resolving Problems in Recreational Clubs

Resolving Problems in Recreational Clubs - Dealing with "Partners, Possibles, and Poops"

I have finally discovered the biggest problem with trying to keep clubs alive and well.  Yup, after all these years as a writer, outdoorsman, and facilitator, I have found the secret to what causes our clubs and organizations to fall apart or at least get rusty.  Oh, and if you’re saying to yourself that it’s not your club at issue, then keep reading because I predict that every recreationist in our country will face this issue sooner or later.

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