Sierra Trek 2000

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Sierra Trek 2000
Photo by Vance Anderson, design used with permission of CA4WDC     The California Association of Four Wheel Drive Clubs (CA4WDC) held its 34th Annual Sierra Trek event at Meadow Lake, California, about 20 miles due North of Truckee, CA, high in the Sierra Nevada mountain range.
    Since Ed Dunkley organized the first Trek back in 1966, this event has attracted a faithful following of hardcore 4-wheelers and their families who come back year after year to run the short wheelbase trail, Fordyce Creek Trail; the long wheelbase trail, the Bear Valley trail; and the sport utility run, over roads and trails near camp. Some folks return year after year just for the food, the cameraderie, the party, or the raffle!
    This event is the culmination of thousands of hours of volunteer effort from CA4WDC clubs and individual members. This year, as with past years, was a great event, bringing together a group of excellent rigs, drivers, and passengers.

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Meadow Lake, CA     August 17-20, 2000


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